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Lal mirchi ka Achaar

Lal mirchi ya hari mirchi ka achaar

   Time :30 mins


  • 25 gm Turmeric
  • 25 gm red chili powder
  • 25 gm salt
  • 50 gm mustard seed (Rai)
  • 50 gm Jeera
  • 50 gm Saunf
  • 50 gm Amchoor powder
  • 50 gm Meethi Dana
  • 1 1/2 liter Oil
  • half kg Red chilies or (green chilies)


  • In a Kadia add   one and half litre of oil and at medium flame heat the oil  and keep keep aside for cooling
  • Wash and dry Red Chillies ( green chillies)


  • Cut the top of the Red and green Chilies and remove the seeds and the center u can use a knife or a fork.


  • Dry roast methi dana ,jeera, sauf  for a minute or two.Do not roat rai i.e is mustard seeds


  • In a mixer grind jeera,rai(mustard seeds),sauf,Methi dana in a powder form to make powdered masala
  • Mix all the powdered masala with salt, amchoor powder, turmeric and red chilli and powdered masala well with the seeds of the chillies removed.


  • mix well and add a 2 table spoon of  oil (heated and cooled earlier)


  • mix well add more oil if needed to form a paste


  • Fill this paste witha spoon or knife in the chilies

if u want u can slit the chilies as i have done  for green chilies

  • Put the remaining Masala over it place it in a jar and add the cooled oil which we had heated earlier

IMG_20170205_214410 - Copy - Copy.jpg

  • now tie a cloth and keep it in sun for 20 days before use so that the masala and chilies get soaked in it .



After that your delicious and tasty Achaar is ready for use.



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